Foster Farms Livingston

Walter Resendes

Walter Resendes

Foster Farms is one of the largest employers in the Central Valley of California. Between their plant locations in Livingston, Fresno, Turlock, Porterville as well as locations in Washington State and Louisiana they employ over 12,000 people. They have had quite a history of growth and expansion from their roots as a family owned business that was started on a small farm in Modesto California by Max and Verda Foster in 1939. Today Foster Farms remains a family owned business.

Access Electric has had the privilege of working at many of the Foster Farms plants over the years. We are currently working on various phases of the new multi-million-dollar capital project which is going on at the Livingston location and many other projects including some in their Turlock facility.

The success of Fosters is something that I personally, as the co-owner of Access Electric, am excited to see. That is because at the age of 11 I moved to California with my parents when they had purchased a small poultry farm in Gustine California. Shortly thereafter, we became contract growers for Foster Farms. My mother sold the farm in the late 1980’s and retired. Even now, Foster Farms is still providing jobs and security not only for their 12,000 employees, but also for the myriads of others who contribute to their growth in a supporting role. It is a pleasure to see them expand, grow and succeed.

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Access Electric is committed to the safety of our employees, customers, and our community. On Thursday, March 19, 2020 Governor Newsom ordered a “Shelter in Place” instruction on all residents of California. There are several exceptions to this ruling which include Essential Services. These services deal with, among other things, maintaining the food supply, medical facilities and services, and others. Access Electric is a supplier of Industrial and Commercial Electrical services and many of our customers are considered essential to maintaining the nations food supply.

While practicing proper precautions we will continue to stay open in order to service these customers ongoing needs. Personnel that can work remotely have been asked to do so and others have been asked to alternate days at the office so that we can be effective for our customers while reducing interaction between people.To learn more about our efforts click the link below.