Pacific Southwest Container

Walter Resendes

Walter Resendes

Pacific Southwest Container is a leading producer of packaging products in North America. They are located in Modesto California and have grown from a small plant to one of the fastest growing companies in their industry. Their story is a great example of hard work and commitment to excellence as they have grown to be one of the largest, privately held, packaging companies in the United States.

While Access Electric has had to privilege of working in the PSC plant for many years, recently PSC has expanded their operation by opening a new plant in Modesto. Access Electric was excited to be chosen as the electrical design-build contractor for this new expansion. Beginning in 2018 Access began electrical renovation work on an existing 860,000 square foot facility on 67 acres located at 671A Mariposa Road in Modesto CA.


The plant began operation early in 2019 and is a marvel of automation and productivity in packaging manufacturing. We are proud to partner with a customer that is dedicated to its customers as well as to environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices.

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Access Electric is committed to the safety of our employees, customers, and our community. On Thursday, March 19, 2020 Governor Newsom ordered a “Shelter in Place” instruction on all residents of California. There are several exceptions to this ruling which include Essential Services. These services deal with, among other things, maintaining the food supply, medical facilities and services, and others. Access Electric is a supplier of Industrial and Commercial Electrical services and many of our customers are considered essential to maintaining the nations food supply.

While practicing proper precautions we will continue to stay open in order to service these customers ongoing needs. Personnel that can work remotely have been asked to do so and others have been asked to alternate days at the office so that we can be effective for our customers while reducing interaction between people.To learn more about our efforts click the link below.