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Properly operating electrical systems are the foundation of every great industrial or commercial facility. Frequent outages and failures can cause enormous stress and setbacks, as well as incur long-time costs that affect your company’s profitability and reputation. Access Electric is a premium commercial electrical contractor servicing clients in the Central Valley of California and beyond. Our in-house design-build engineering department can create custom-made electrical systems from the ground up. We believe in developing open communication-based relationships with our clients. To that end, our seasoned professionals will work with you every step of the way, from the initial concept development to the final installation. To make things as smooth and hassle-free as possible, we also assist with the initial permit drawing and can take care of all power and lighting Title 24 requirements. We here at Access Electric believe that a company is built by its satisfied customers and their referrals. Please find links on this site to several letters of recommendation and photos of completed projects


As a locally owned electrical contracting business, we offer superior electrical services, unrivalled attention to detail, and a focus on building long-term relationships with our customers.

Why Access Electric?

With over 60 years of combined experience represented in the ownership of our company, we at Access Electric are the leaders in industrial and commercial electrical systems. Our long-standing reputation for quality is the result of our hard work, values, and ethical practices that have gained the trust of the entire community of Central California. Our values are reflected in every aspect of our company, and we operate under the four main principles of:

  • Honesty: Integrity and responsibility are the foundations of every successful job we do. We put great emphasis and value on our relationships with our clients, as we believe in forging lasting as strong connections based on openness and trust.
  • Self-Assessment: It is always important to assess your understanding and think twice before acting. Learning is the tool for advancement and improvement, and one is never too old or experienced to learn. We believe that it is better to seek help and improve one’s weaknesses and gaps in knowledge than it is to display false confidence and understanding and regret it later.
  • Personal Development: We believe that you can never know too much about something. If you are not afraid to ask questions, you can learn more and be even better prepared to complete your task successfully.
  • Situation Improvement: We strive for a team culture that encourages every individual to be open to receiving criticism and help from others, especially when our work and performance could gain from it.

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